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Haitian Wedding at Art Factory

Meet the couple:

Justin and Regine got married at the Art Factory in Patterson, NJ. They are a delightful couple, and it was a pleasure to see them tie the knot. Regine is a nurse from Rockland County, NY, a fun-loving, get it done woman who loves dancing, sleeping, and relaxing with Justin. Justin is laid back guy from Brooklyn by way of Haiti. He enjoys a good meal, dancing with his lady, and learning life's mysteries one person at a time.

How they met:

On a cold winter’s night, Justin and Regine met under the lights of club Iguana in New York City. Regine was at the restaurant celebrating a friend’s birthday when everyone decided to head to the club below. Justin was meeting up with a friend, and while the friend never showed, Justin figured he would stick around. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life.

The connection was instant. When Justin and Regine finally got to dance with one another, they danced until the lights turned on. They exchanged numbers and during their first date at a Thai restaurant, they talked until the restaurant closed. After getting to know each other for a few hours, they didn’t want to leave, and have been on an endless date since.

How he asked:

This fun-loving couple had to have a proposal that matched their personalities! Justin decided to pop the question before they went skydiving (perhaps in case they didn't make it back???). He asked, and Regine said yes!!!

The Wedding Day:

As busy professionals, the couple were anxious to get the planning rolling, but were stuck on how to execute all the required tasks: “So, getting engaged was a very exciting moment until we realized how overwhelming the whole process could be. From our first conversation Martine was calm and helped my fiancé and me figure out exactly what we wanted, despite everyone else's opinions. From the wedding venue, flowers, to my dress she's been there every step of the way.”

Regine and Justin had a vision for their wedding day, and the Art Factory was a perfect venue in which to execute their vision and achieve the fun, unique, and classy wedding of their dreams. With their Haitian background, they wanted to add some elements of island flavor, which they did through food. They had griot (fried pork bites) for appetizers and a Haitian cake for dessert. The gold and white colors were reflected in the bouquets made of white roses and gold-painted leaves. Even the bride’s hair was designed to match with short blond hair styled in waves. From start to finish, the fully coordinated, expertly executed event resulted in just what the couple wanted: a fabulously fun night expressed through love, laughter, and a lot of dancing!

Photographer: George and Claudia

Wedding Planner: The Capable Bride

Quartet: Aaron Stokes

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