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Enjoy the planning. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your friends and family.

Bear Mountain Fall Wedding

Real talk: A lot of the stress of wedding planning is self-inflicted.

Because most people do it backwards.


See if this sounds familiar...

  • You get engaged – woohoo!

  • Then you realize that means you have to plan a wedding – uh-oh.

  • And then friends and family start giving unsolicited advice – oh, no.

  • And when (or if) you start to do your own research, you realize it's a LOT – whoa.

  • Then, if you even get to the point where you're talking to planners, venues, and vendors, you keep hearing, "That's not possible" – boo-hoo.

  • Or everything they present to you is way out of scope for what you want – dang.

And we won't even get into the conversations (if you can call them that) that are happening with your parents – especially if your parents are foreigners and have strong ideas of what a wedding day "should" be.

But here's my take on it...

Why does anyone want to have a wedding? 

It's not just for show. 

It's for FUN! To celebrate.


And it's my job to make that happen.

Here's what it looks like...



Step 1. Get clear on your priorities.

The wedding should be about the two of you, as a couple. 

Not what your friends want. Not what your parents want. Not what the internet tells you it should be. Not what Pinterest and wedding magazines are showing you. Not what that other wedding planner who didn't even seem to listen to you told you.

It needs to be what the two of you have decided it should be.


Having said that, it doesn't mean you get to become totally selfish or disrespect your parents or throw all traditions to the wayside. 


It just means that you are making informed decisions, not letting decisions be forced upon you.


Stop following trends. Stop looking for the latest, greatest whatever.


You have to prioritize your wish list. And you do that by answering the primary questions on what you want. (If you don't know what questions I'm talking about, grab a free copy of my workbook, 4-Step Wedding Vision Guide.)

Step 2. I get to work, curating options for you based on your priorities.

This is the part that you get to skip out on.


I do the research and curation for you, all based on what you've told me you want and need. And the cool part is, I already have knowledge about and access to some amazing options you don't even know about – including the ones that other vendors might have told you were "impossible."


Then I narrow down the options for you – because too many options just confuses you and they all start to blur together.

Step 3. You make choices (with my guidance).

For each choice you have to make (venue, food, photographer, floral, décor, and more), I come back to you with informed options. They're informed both because I know the industry, and because I know what you want.


So when I present the options to you, all you have to do is make a choice. (And if you need help making that choice, or need more options, I've got you covered. You even have permission to use me as the reason you have to say "No" to something your parents want.)

Step 4. On the actual wedding day, I'm running the show from behind the scenes – so you can party.

By this point, we've done all of the prep for your wedding day, and I have the game plan to execute your vision.


I keep you, the wedding party, and the vendors on schedule – and put out any fires so quickly that you (and your guests) don't even smell the smoke.


Basically, this is where I handle all the boring stuff on your special day, so you don't have to. All in the name of helping you feel comfortable, and not rushed, stressed, or worried.

And through it all, you get support and guidance from me on All Things Wedding.


  • I help you manage friends and family. There's a way to let your loved ones know what your priorities are, and a way to say "No" to things they're trying to push on you that doesn't destroy relationships. I'll give you the tools, information, and guidance to navigate those tricky conversations. I've even run Relative Interference at weddings! (My parents are from Haiti, so believe me when I say I understand.) 


  • I give you extra resources that you haven't even thought of that will make your life way easier. For example, I have a Bridal Party Kit that helps you to communicate the responsibilities of being in your bridal party. (This kit has saved many a friendship!)

In a nutshell, wedding planning is about shopping for stuff and then making sure it shows up the way you want it to.

And that's what I'm good at. Really, really good at.


While our average client spends between $6,000 - $10,000, we do make you this guarantee: we will only offer services that work in your budget, or we will let you know that our services are not a good fit for your vision.

Want to find out if we're a match made in Heaven? Let's chat.

Schedule a complimentary Consultation.


In this free 30-minute call, we will...

  • Get clear on your vision or what you're looking for in your wedding.

  • Identify the biggest challenges that you'll need help with.

  • Discuss the process of working together and answer all of your questions.

  • Get to know each other – because if you move forward with me, we'll be spending a lot of time together, so let's make sure we like each other!

Once we've had the Consultation, I'll send you a customized proposal that’s right for you. You select the options that work best and we’re ready to start planning!

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Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

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