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So, getting engaged was a very exciting moment until we realized how overwhelming the whole process could be. From our first conversation Martine was calm and helped my fiance and me figure out exactly what we wanted, despite everyone else's opinions. From the wedding venue, flowers, to my dress she's been there every step of the way. Not only is she indispensable, but she also reads the contracts BEFORE we signed anything. Most people won't even look at the contracts let alone make sure confirm that you aren't get screwed over. We can't wait until our wedding, but at this point we are almost done planning all because of her help. Thanks Martine!

Regine S.

Jamaican wedding ceremony

Martine (Wedding M.D) was a godsend for my wedding! She made wedding planning so much easier to navigate. She is full of wonderful recommendations for vendors, as well as wedding etiquette. She took the time to get to know me and I feel it was that special attention she paid that gave me the perfect wedding day. On the day, I worried about absolutely nothing. She managed everything and not one thing went wrong. It was my perfect day and she executed my vision for the ceremony and reception even better than I imagined it in my mind. She is a true professional and I would recommend her 10 out of 10 for your planning needs.

Leanna F.

Puerto Rican bride Catskills wedding

Martine was absolutely amazing! She was there for us throughout the entire planning process and was great at helping us securing vendors in an area where they were hard to come by. Her vendor suggestions were on point. More importantly, she was always smiling and ready to help us whenever we needed. She made sure that we were truly guests on our wedding and it was such a relief knowing we had here there to make sure everything went smoothly. The wedding went absolutely perfectly and we could have not done it without Martine and her team. She is truly the best out there and we could not recommend her highly enough!!!

Ashley W.

Multi-cultural couple

Martine was a lifesaver when it came to planning our wedding! We were only 6-8 months away from the date we were hoping for, but we couldn't find a venue that quite worked with our small size (40 to 60 people). Once we reached out to Wedding MD, we were in a state of panic. Thanks to Martine's enthusiastic personality and professionalism, we had a venue picked out less than a few weeks later! From there, it was smooth sailing. She provided timelines and plenty of helpful tools that kept us on track and kept weekly stress to an absolute minimum. Martine knew when to check up on us and when to step back and let us make our own decisions. The feeling of relief when we selected a vendor and would hand off Martine's email to them was especially appreciated. On the day of the wedding, Martine and her assistant were equally fantastic and kept the schedule running on track so seamlessly. We couldn’t have done it without her steady guidance and we can’t recommend Martine enough!

Kenny D.

Ellie Mae Photo Catskills Wedding

What a superstar team! My only regret was not hiring them to do all of the planning of our wedding in addition to being our on-site coordinators. Our wedding had a lot of custom touches and Martine & her team showed up capable of taking everything on. I was a particular admirer of Martine's spreadsheet game to help plan the wedding, which was SO helpful. I strongly recommend hiring Wedding M.D. and will recommend them to others in the future!

Sophia S.

Nigerian Bride

There’s a quiet brilliance to the work that Martine does. Working with her, she knew when to push and when not to push; she understood how to manage the various emotions of the day and always kept a calm demeanor which was so helpful in the long run. She really did help to make our special day truly memorable, and we’ll forever be grateful for that.

Tiana I.

whitby castle wedding ny photography by SUESS MOMENTS
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