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About Wedding M.D.

Meet Martine Dardignac 
The Wedding Doctor

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Martine Dardignac Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

Hi!!! (yes, it sounds exactly how you think it sounds). I'm Martine, the owner of Wedding M.D. I would define myself as a practical romantic. I realize life’s not always a pretty story, but when it is, I love to indulge in the happiness of the moment. 


If you've been shopping around on wedding planner websites, you may have already noticed that I'm a little bit different from your typical planner. That's because my clients are a little bit different from a typical couple.


We may be a good fit if you...

  • Understand that your time is precious. Listen, there are a lot of things that you can be doing besides sifting through ambiguous wedding websites or groups, and you're well aware.

  • Like to make decisions quickly (see: time is precious point above). All you need is a few of the (appropriate) choices placed before you and you're good to go.​

  • Have no trouble letting go. You want a simple solution to your wedding problems and don't want to work on your wedding day. As your wedding planner, I absolutely understand the need for control. But on your wedding day, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your friends and family. That means delegating all of those responsibilities to someone else who you know will take care of you.

  • Have specific cultural needs that you want handled. Whether your parents are not from this country, and you need help explaining weddings in the States, or you really just need to speak with someone that understands that your hairdresser and makeup artists need to be able to handle different hair types and skin tones, I've got your back.

  • Revel in your nerdiness. That's the randomly intellectual conversations, unpopular or quirky ideas, sci-fi or fantasy-loving, didn't-sit-at-the-cool-kids table nature of it all. I'm here for it! (If you'd rather the term geek, that is also applicable. We can have that randomly intellectual conversation about the differences between the two).

We may not be a good fit if you...

  • Want to stay in the loop on every last detail; this is not the process for you. There are a lot of moving pieces for a wedding, and I need to be empowered to sort the fine details on your behalf. Otherwise, we'll just be taking twice as long to accomplish everything.

  • Enjoy complications and/or drama. There's a place for everyone in this world, but my solutions simplify the process of planning so you can enjoy a stress-free, drama-free wedding day.

  • Don't take advice well or have difficulty learning to trust. I understand that we're planning the wedding that you've dreamed of, and your ideas may have been building over time. That's beautiful, and I’d love to hear them!⁠ At some point in the process, though, you'll need to be able to step back and let me do my job and trust that I've got you. If you know that you have trouble trusting or taking advice, then we may not be a good fit.

  • Being trendy is super important to you. I want your wedding to be just that: YOUR wedding as a couple, not whatever the internet (or your friends, or your family) told you it had to be.

  • Think all traditions are useless. Getting married is one of the most traditional things you can do. You can still make it your own, but some traditions still have a place here (especially if you want to make your parents happy).

Fun facts about me...

I love to laugh. A lot. Some may call it excessive, but I've been told my laugh inspires others to share in that joy with me. I invite you to come experience the fun.​

You know how there are some things you're just born to do? Event planning is like that for me. Family and friends have always looked to me when they needed to plan those special moments. While most people seem to find it stressful, I thoroughly enjoy it.​

I'm a Hudson Valley native! I grew up in Rockland County and I'm currently based in Westchester.

What's most important: God, family, friends, and helping others be comfortable (including perfect strangers).​


Things that interest me: I read like a fiend! Approximately one book per week for as long as I can remember. Food that tastes good is a requirement. I love to travel, although I don't get to do as much as I'd like.


Why Wedding M.D.?

Professional Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is a process, and is a lot like herding cats. There are so many pieces, an entire team of people you need to establish, all while balancing the needs of yourself and those that are closest to you.

There are two things I hear all the time from my clients: 1) I’m so glad I hired you, you’ve made this so much easier, and 2) I really thought I could handle this myself, but I couldn’t. I’d like to let you all in on a secret: wedding planning was never designed as a solo activity. Putting together an event of any size would require help, but if you also add in the emotions, expectations, and expense of a wedding, you can start to see where help isn’t just a nice-to-have.

My role as your Wedding Doctor is to help diagnose your challenges, prescribe a solution specific to your circumstances, and work together to build a plan that's right for you.

I bring professional-level project management skills along with a background in communications and graphic design to help execute your wedding the way you intended it. My mission is to create a personalized event for Wedding M.D. couples by providing top-of-the line service through efficient and cost-effective planning that allows for full enjoyment of their wedding day.⁠

As an award-winning, certified wedding planner, I'm excited to handle your wedding and empowering you to  enjoy your day to the fullest.

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