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All Vendors Are Not Created Equal

One of my biggest tasks when I’m wedding planning is creating a team of vendors that will be right for the couple. On the surface, this may sound like an easy feat: I’m a wedding planner with years of experience and I know a whole host of professionals in every category. And while my experience and my portfolio make this a little easier, there’s one thing not accounted for in this formula, which is the personal preferences of each couple.

Not every vendor matches with every couple, and sometimes, they don’t work well together for a variety of reasons, including their individual working styles, the area that they prefer to work in, and their pricing. When a client is researching vendors on their own, they have to do the heavy lifting of deciding who they like and what works for their budget. However, I think the interaction between the vendors is often a missed step that may cause some hiccups in how smoothly the wedding day will go. That’s where I come in because ultimately my goal is to make your wedding day easy and fun for you.

Even before booking my services, I like to get a sense of the couple’s personal style and what’s important to them. That’s why a conversation is so important. Yes, you can answer a questionnaire, but I’ve found that isn’t really the best way to get to know someone. I know that in today’s busy world, making time for a conversation can be challenging. And when you’re wedding planning, your time is already so limited with all the extra responsibilities. On the surface, it would seem like you should be able to just get the pricing and find something that works in your budget. However, this doesn’t really take in to account personal preferences (which are many and varied for weddings). In other words, a price by itself doesn’t give you a sense of style, and for your wedding day, would you really rather be treated as just a commodity?

Having a better sense of their style allows me to make recommendations that are right for them, factoring in all of the elements that make weddings unique and special. This is a heavy load off as a lot of wedding planning can be spent in simply just trying to find a vendor who’s style and pricing work for you. It has the added advantage of making me the point person for any questions/detailed information that needs to be handled after contract signing, but also ensuring that you put together a team that works specifically for your event.

To top it off, by the time you arrive at the wedding day, you can trust that your entire team is working like a well-oiled machine and we’re all here doing the best job we can for you. In my opinion, that’s the beauty of wedding planning and in being a wedding planner. I work hard behind the scenes so that you can simply relax and enjoy a party in your honor.

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