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Hudson Valley wedding planner Wedding M.D. Couple after ceremony
Let's get real. Getting engaged was fun at first.

Until you realized how much work it was going to be.


Whether you just don't have time to plan an entire wedding...

  • Or have friends and family who want to help you plan, but you know it's going to be a train wreck (and you'd rather they are able to just relax and kick it)...

  • Or have tried to make plans, but everyone keeps telling you what you want is "impossible"...

  • Or have seen the drama involved with other weddings and know you want NONE of that...

  • Or want help finding options that suit your style and priorities...

  • Or you've started to do some research and are already stressed out about all of the options – not to mention the opinions and "helpful suggestions" other people are throwing at you...

...I've got you.

Hi, I'm Martine, Hudson Valley Wedding Planner, and I help women who are trying to plan their weddings with a budget to stress less about planning details – so they can actually enjoy their wedding day with their guests. 

I offer wedding planning in Westchester, the Hudson Valley, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 


And here's the thing...

Nigerian Bride and Groom Connecticut.jpg

Nobody is throwing a wedding to be
mad about it. Literally nobody.


But I've seen so many couples get stressed out because they don't set themselves up to enjoy both the planning process and the wedding day itself.


The worst thing that can happen is that you're frustrated, sad, or angry that things aren't going to plan. That sucks. No one wants that. Especially if you've spent money on it. 

Working with a wedding planner sets you up for more fun. (And happier parents.)


Weddings are for fun.
No drama allowed, please and thank you.

Ready to make your low-stress wedding a reality?

Explore more about working with Wedding M.D. below.

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Art Factory Wedding New Jersey
whitby castle wedding ny photography by SUESS MOMENTS

Get To Know Martine

You know how there are some things you're just born to do? Event planning is like that for me. Family and friends have always looked to me when they needed to plan those special moments. While most people seem to find it stressful, I thoroughly enjoy it.​


Want to see the weddings I've helped bring to life? Take a look at the photo galleries here.


From full-service planning to destination weddings, see how I help reduce the stress, increase the fun, and enjoy the process – and your day.

So, getting engaged was a very exciting moment until we realized how overwhelming the whole process could be. From our first conversation Martine was calm and helped my fiance and me figure out exactly what we wanted, despite everyone else's opinions. From the wedding venue, flowers, to my dress she's been there every step of the way.

Regine S.

Art Factory NJ Wedding Couple
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